About Me & My Blog

Hello! I am Shortiee from Shortiee's Beauty Blog but decided to create a slightly more personal blog where I can blog about whatever my heart desires.. Apart from beauty!

This will predominately be more of a DIY type blog. I blog as a hobby and my blogs are like an archive for me as I like to look back on what I have done etc.

I named this blog 'Little Alterations' as I mainly try and spruce things up a bit (clothes, furniture etc.) to make them look a bit better in my eyes ;) I also wanted to include "Little" in the title to keep my "Shortiee" theme as it's just part of me now!

I have always been into creating, decorating and altering stuff ever since I was little. I used to love watching Neil on Art Attack and now I enjoy watching Homes Under The Hammer along with other home renovation shows!