Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Last month my Mother and I set about redecorating our living room as it had been years since we had touched it. We decided on a black, white & red theme. To bring more light and liven up the walls I suggested buying a lovely mirror... And so it started.
The finished product -

To our luck we spotted a plain, inexpensive, wooden mirror whilst walking past a charity shop the very next day. An hour later I was armed with some black wooden paint, a paintbrush, masking tape, newspaper, cling film and some stick-on crystals from a craft shop and I set about revamping it.

The final touches to our living room are nearly done - The new curtains have arrived (not the old peach/orange ones you see in the mirror). I can't wait for the finished product (or should that be room)!

Ps. The pictures would have been of better quality had I known that I would be blogging about this ;)

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